An exciting new chapter begins - CSC Launches

May 27, 2023 | By Administrator

For Immediate Release
May 27, 2023

An exciting new chapter begins - CSC Launches "Bridge" the new virtual chapter.

CALGARY, Alberta - Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) is pleased to launch and grant a Chapter Charter for the formation of the CSC Bridge Chapter.

Canada's architecture, design, engineering and construction industry stands as a vibrant and dynamic sector that plays a vital role in shaping the country's built environment. With a rich history of architectural achievements, innovative engineering solutions, and cutting-edge design practices, this industry contributes significantly to Canada's infrastructure development and urban landscapes.

The industry encompasses a vast network of professionals, working collaboratively to bring visionary concepts to life. This industry is driven by innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to delivering high-quality projects. Moreover, the industry serves as a crucial economic engine, generating employment opportunities and contributing to the overall growth of the Canadian economy.

Recognizing the multitude of architectural, engineering, design, and construction firms spread across Canada, including those operating in non-metropolitan areas, CSC identified the necessity to establish a new virtual chapter. This initiative aims to bridge the design and construction community nationwide, allowing us to deliver high-quality education, training, and professional development opportunities. By doing so, we aim to advance our organizational objectives of serving the design and construction industry as a whole from coast-to-coast.

"Until now, our reach was confined to prominent urban areas and specific regions. However, this exciting phase marks a significant breakthrough as it enables us to extend access to CSC’s exceptional education, training and professional development opportunities nationwide and beyond," states Kazim Kanani, FCSC, CCCA, CSP, CDT, President of CSC.

The Bridge Chapter will be led by Laura Herbert who will serve as the Chapter Chair and will be supported by Scott Haddy, and Denny Duong and "Our goal for CSC Bridge is to connect remote members who may face geographical or other types of barriers to participation in traditional Chapters, and provide opportunities for collaboration and learning in an environment that is calibrated to the new paradigm of remote working" noted Chapter Chair, Laura Herbert.

For more information about the Bridge Chapter and its events and offerings, visit http://bridge.csc-dcc.ca.

About Construction Specifications Canada (CSC)
Founded in 1953, CSC is a national not-for-profit association with now 17 Chapters across the country. CSC exists to be the trusted resource for the construction community and has the mission to educate, connect and lead the design and construction community to achieve excellence in project delivery. CSC is an all-encompassing institution bringing the architecture, design, engineering and construction community together by providing education, training, designations, networking and collaboration opportunities.