Understanding & Applying 2nd Law of Thermodynamics in Enclosure Design

Presented by Professor Rockford Boyer, B.Arch.Sc., MBSc., BSS
April 25, 2024 | By Administrator

Moisture is the number one factor for building enclosure degradation and failure, designing sustainable enclosures that are resilient and high performing will ensure durability and functionality. Understanding and applying the 2nd Law of thermodynamics in enclosure design will ensure the performance and sustainability of your wall is maintained. Hybrid wall assemblies are now pretty much standard to meet our energy efficiency needs, using the right building materials to allow for drying of our building enclosures is key for success.

Join us for the engaging session presented by Professor Rockford Boyer, B.Arch.Sc., MBSc., BSS on the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

Professor Boyer is a building science leader at Elastochem Specialty Chemicals and brings over 20 years of technical knowledge in sustainable building design. Regarded as an expert in the field of building performance, Rockford works closely with architects using energy modeling technology to implement sustainable design strategies. Rockford has completed his undergraduate studies in Architecture and holds a Master¬ís Degree in Building Science. In addition, he has a diploma in civil engineering. In addition to his responsibilities at Elastochem, Rockford is a professor at Sheridan College. 

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